Special Outfit: a wedding in Scotland

This post has to be written in English, because this post is dedicated to a especial client "Tracy". 

This  summer she was in our shop in Barcelona and bought a cocktail dress for wear it in a wedding. 

And made us very happy to receive this facebook's message:

" Thank-you once again for making beautiful clothing! My husband and I visited your shop in June and purchased a few items. 
I wore this dress to a wedding in Scotland this summer along with a vintage coat from the Shanghai Anxi clothing market, and shoes purchased the previous summer in Rome at Furla. 
I had several women, I did not know, come up to me to compliment me on the dress and who continued to talk about the design after the wedding (according to the bride)!!
I am sharing some photos with you to say thank-you it will be a dress I keep for a lifetime!   Tracy "

Receive news like this makes us very happy and we feel that we are on the right way. 
We encourage all clients to send us their pictures  with their  malahierba's outfits :-) Thank you Tracy!!!

Este post tenía que estar escrito en inglés por el idioma de nuestra protagonista: Tracy. El verano pasado nos hizo una visita a nuestra tienda con su marido, que descubrieron por casualidad, y compró nuestro vestido cocktail Biarritz para una boda... le quedaba muy bien y ahí quedó todo.

Hasta que hace poco recibimos un mensaje vía facebook de ella con las imágenes de la boda y explicándonos lo especial que era esta pieza en su armario. Nosotros claro, más que felices!!

Si queréis mandarnos vuestras fotos con estilismos Malahierba lo podéis hacer por email y nosotros haremos un post en nuestro blog con ellos :-) jjjj

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